August 7, 2022

March 24, 2011 Brochure

Speaking Topics


1. Crafting A Successful Corporate Strategy.
2. Achieving Sustainable Profit Power; The Seven Sequential Causes.
3. Competing In Mature (and Consolidating) Industries.
4. Niche Marketing.
5. Guidelines for Fast Growth Management.

High Performance Personnel Management

1. Developing A High Performance Environment.
2. Motivated Employees: Hiring, Educating & Keeping The Best.
3. Strategic Implications Of Health Savings Accounts.
4. Incentive Compensation Programs: How To Make Them Work.

Service Management

1. Perfect Service: Defining, Measuring, Achieving, Selling, Getting Paid      For, And Leveraging it.
2. Re-segment And Re-service Accounts By Profitability.

Sales/Marketing Management

1. Relationship Marketing - Selling In The Next Five Years.
2. Proactive Sales And Marketing Management Tactics.
3. Selling Skills: Levels Of The Game.

Channel Management

1. Improving Supplier/Distributor Channel Productivity.
2. Selling To and Through Distributors.
3. Weed to Feed; Focus to Excel; and Re-engineer Channel Costs.
The titles are generic titles for informationally/discrete presentations. Most presentations are expandable from between 1 to 3 hours. Topics can be combined to create 1 to 3 day seminars.

Because presentations are always customized to the audience, MCG does not usually have a stock handout and promotional material for the presentations. Handouts which are reasonably current and generally appropriate for many clients are available upon request.