May 20, 2022


     1.   Crafting a Good Strategy, Part II

     2.   4 Guidelines for Great "Service Encounters"

     3.   Eight Elements of Service Excellence (PDF version)

     4.   Process Engineering (x) Services

     5.   Value Buying Categories of Customers (PDF version)

     6.   About "Dialogue" (PDF version)

     7.   Anatomy of a Product (PDF version)

     8.   Appreciative Inquiry Exhibit (PDF version)

     9.   Everyone Wins Pay Policy (PDF version)

    10.   Monthly Goal Planning Statements (PDF version)

    11.   The Big Picture (PDF version)

    12.   PBIT Ranking Notes (PDF version)

    13.   Customer IQ Quiz (PDF version)

    14.   Profitability of Products (?) (PDF version)

    15.   Assumptions/Questions For Re-thinking Our Selling Objectives (PDF Version)

    16.   The Kinetic Chain of Profit Power (PDF version)

    17.   Culturegram - Learning to Learn (PDF version)

    18.   Summary of the Class - Enlightenment Questions

    19.   Assignment for Weeks 4 & 5

    20.   Assignment for Week 6

    21.   Assignment for Week 7

    22.   "The Fog of War's" Eleven Lessons

    23.   " Book Reviews for Reinventing Profit Power

    24.   Make Lots of Good, Cheap, Fast Mistakes

    25.   CASE STUDY: ABC Distribution Rethinks Their "Profit Power"

    26.   Leading From The Middle Of The Organization Chart: Stories and Reading

    28.   A Chain Rethinks Marketing Around "Old-to-Old" Matrix

    29.   Hub Or Butterfly Economics

    30.   Assumptions Behind The "5-5-5 Report"

    31.   Question Map For Thinking About Most Profitable Accounts

    32.   Question Map For Lead To Gold Accounts

    33.   Questions Map For Cracking The Right Target Accounts

    34.   Cycle of Mental Model Thinking

    35.   What's The Best Pedometer To Buy For Wellness Programs?

    36.   Healthy Hydration Facts and Guidelines

    37.   Why Drink Alkaline, Ionized Water?

    38.   The Total "Detox Path" Starts With "Healthy Hydration"

    39.   Steps To Breakthrough Results

    40.   Quotes (and comments) About Questions, "Questionate To Innovate"

    41.   Thoughts On Waking Up Our Corporate "Luck" Questions

    42.   Memo to Branch Managers regarding 2007 plans

    43.   Memo to Branch Managers regarding "People, Service, Profits" Metrics

    44.   The 5-5-5 Kit

    Exhibits 45 - 53 are all part of Fast Growth Management Memes. We have divided it into 9 exhibits.

    45.   Fast Growth Management Memes - Overview

    46.   Fast Growth Management Memes - Strategic Guidelines, Section One

    47.   Fast Growth Management Memes - Management Guidelines, Section Two

    48.   Fast Growth Management Memes - Marketing Guidelines, Section Three

    49.   Fast Growth Management Memes - Personnel Guidelines, Section Four

    50.   Fast Growth Management Memes - Operational Guidelines, Section Five

    51.   Fast Growth Management Memes - Innovation Guidelines, Section Six

    52.   Fast Growth Management Memes - "Desiderata", Section Seven

    53.   Fast Growth Management Memes - Guidelines Scorecard

    54.   10 X 10 Innovation

    55.   Highlights From Past Downturn Advice

    56.   To Re-cap: Merrifield Plays and Waypoint Reports

    57.   Recipe For Key Account Selling Contests

    58.   Transform "Business Intelligence" Into: "Quantum Profit Management"

             Individual Scorecard for Exhibit 58

            Summary Scorecard for Exhibit 58,

    59.   Co-creating Buy-Sell Process Improvements (BSPIs) with Key Accounts II

    60.   An introductury memo on three new "change management scripts".

    61.   Script 1: More To The Core Sales

    62.   Script 2: Turning Lead Accounts Into Gold

    62A.   Script 2, Exhibit 1: Sample Agenda For Friendly Customer

    62B.   Script 2, Exhibit 2: Supplemental Thoughts For Hard-Nosed Customers (Cherry-Pickers and Cost-Indifferent Bureaucrats)

    63.   Script 3: Heroic Acts For Core And Gazelle Target Accounts

    64.   Service Excellence Journey

    65.   AMZ's Extending Platform; What-If AmazonSupply (AS) Scenarios