May 25, 2022

Sales Force Coverage
Enter your values into the green boxes -- see how close your company is to full utilization.
Total Selling Expenses $2,500,000 sales commissions, salaries, benefits & expenses
Number of Reps 25 # of reps in current sales force
Rep Base Salary $30,000 avg for all reps 
Commission Rate 25.0% avg or most typical commission rate
Annual working weeks 46 allow for vacation, stat holidays, sick leave, meetings
Avg Weekly Sales Calls 20 number of calls each rep can make in a week
Per-Call Sales Cost $109 average cost of a single sales call
"A" Acct - Calls / Year 12 annual number of sales calls for an "A" account
"A" Acct - Req'd Annual GP $5,217 acct GP req'd to cover commissions
Avg GP Rate 22.0% company avg Gross margin rate
"A" Acct Req'd Annual Revenue $23,715 revenue threshold for outside sales coverage
No of "A" Accounts 100 "A" accounts your company services
Avg Accounts per Rep 20 total number of active accounts each rep services
Reps req'd to service "A" accounts 5
Max Sales Exp Supported by "A" Accts $521,739
Estimated Savings $989,130 if only 50% of cost differential is recoverable